Our goal:

Understanding the mechanisms that cause Alzheimer’s disease

Diabetes and obesity, two major risk factors for AD

Facts & Figures​

Every 3 seconds there’s a new case of dementia in the world

Alzheimer’s Disease International

1 in 3 seniors will develop Alzheimer

Alzheimer’s Association Facts & figures report

Alzheimer’s disease starts 20 years before the symptoms appear

Alzheimer’s Association Facts & figures report

More people die from Alzheimer’s disease than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined

Alzheimer’s Association Facts & figures report

Research lines

Our team is dissecting the cellular and molecular pathways by which memories are taken away by Alzheimer’s disease.

Risk factors and Alzheimer’s disease

The etiology underlying Alzheimer’s disease is highly complex and multi-factorial (i.e. genetic, environmental, co-morbid conditions and lifestyle factors). Hence, it is critical to elucidate the factors that modulate disease onset and progression. This need is becoming even more urgent as the incidence of AD continues to grow and because existing treatments are palliative, providing modest and temporary benefits. Given the major setbacks in developing disease-modifying therapies, new lines of investigation are critically needed as the ones developed by our team for a better understanding on how these risk factors modulates Alzheimer.


Our research is using cutting-edge techniques and novel animal and cellular models to dissect the pathological mechanisms underlying Alzheimer’s disease.

Development of new animal models of Alzheimer’s disease

Using human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC cells) to mimic the human condition

State-of-the-art cellular and molecular techniques such as 3D remodeling, multiple-omics

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